asym interiors dedicates one project per year to a nonprofit client for pro bono services and is proud to be a member of The 1+.  This program, a division of Public Architecture, connects nonprofits with architecture and design firms in the interest of providing pro bono services.  

2011  I  Critical Exposure  I  Washington, DC

Nonprofit that teaches youth to use photography as an advocacy tool for school reform and social change.

2012  I  The Islamic Heritage Center  I  Fairfax, Virginia

Nonprofit organization servicing the needs of the Muslim community in Fairfax, Virginia.  asym provided heavily-discounted services for their school renovation.

2013  I  Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute  I  Washington, DC

Nonprofit advancing the Hispanic Community's Economic Progress with a focus on Social Responsibility and Global Competitiveness.

2014  I  Playworks  I  Washington, DC

Nonprofit transforming school recess into a safe and healthy play experience and positive teaching tool in low-income schools in major urban areas. 

2015- 2017  I  Washington Improv Theater  I  Washington, DC

Nonprofit fostering team building and positive communication through improvisation. asym provided discounted services for their theater renovation.